StMary’s Island: Tropical island with Marvelous Volcanic rock structures, Karnataka – One of the Geo-Heritage Sites of India

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Geo-heritage sites are geological areas of scientific, cultural and educational value.

India is a country with diverse physical attributes, rich cultural heritage and eventful ancient history. India has a lot to showcase in the field of geological and geomorphological features of its vast landscape. Geo-heritage or geological heritage sites, a part of our natural heritage, tell the story of evolution of the Earth.

There are 34 notified National Geological Heritage Monument Sites of India. Geological Survey of India [GSI] identified these geological sites over the years.

These are classified as Fossil Parks, Rock Monuments, Geological Marvels and Other Monuments based on stratigraphic and economic significance. Few of them are Natural Arch of Tirumala Hill, Belum Caves of Kurnool, Natural Coral Bridge At Neil Island in Andamans, Fossil Wood Park, Shivalik Fossil Park, pyroclastic rocks, Nepheline syenite, Great Boundary Fault, Meghalaya Caves and Jhamarkotra Stromatolite. These sites are now attracting tourists with their interesting geological features. It is important to protect these treasures as they are among the oldest geological formations in the world.

We would like to raise public awareness on the need to protect geo-heritage spots of India and popularize these sites in tourism circuits. We are recommending to check out a MONOGRAPH published by Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH 2016) on the national geo-heritage monuments of India. The monograph presents the results of a survey of the geo-monument sites of India, outlining threats and recommendations for their conservation. Check out the monograph here


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